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Outdoor Care Services: Brookfield's Lawn & Landscaping Specialists

If you're one of the many Brookfield area homeowners in need of professional outdoor care services to keep your home's landscape looking its best, Discovery Outdoor Services is here to help. As the premier source for lawn care for Brookfield, we offer a wide range of high-quality outdoor care services to fit a wide variety of needs. With our help, you can keep your lawn healthy and looking beautiful year after year. Are you in need of professional outdoor care services for your Brookfield home? If so, give our team of skilled professionals a call and let us show you the kind of quality results that have helped make us the most trusted name in outdoor care services the area has to offer.


There's nothing quite like having a landscape for your home that's been perfectly tailored to fit your specific tastes and needs. Not only does new landscaping boost the overall appearance and value of your Brookfield home, but it also helps to provide you and your family […]

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Lawn Maintenance

If you're a Brookfield homeowner looking for a great way to transform your lawn into a picturesque paradise, our top-tier lawn maintenance services are one of the best ways to do so. Here at Discovery Outdoor Services, we take pride in crafting lush, green lawns that […]

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Seasonal Clean-up

When the seasons start to change, there's always work that needs to be done in order to prepare your Brookfield home for the end of the current season and the beginning of the new one. When you're looking for the most reliable name in lawn care […]

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Aeration & Overseeding

If you're struggling to achieve a healthy, verdant yard, it may be time to call the professionals at Discovery Outdoor Services. Our aeration & overseeding services are available to residents of Brookfield and surrounding areas to strengthen your lawn's surface and help it thrive from the […]

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Our dethatching service removes thatch, a layer of dead and decaying organic matter that builds up on the surface of your lawn. Thatch can prevent water, air, and nutrients from reaching your grass roots, which can lead to brown patches, thinning, and even disease. Our dethatching service […]

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At Discovery Outdoor Services, our trimming specialists are here to assist you with some of your most difficult property maintenance tasks. Your trees are some of the truly unique features of your Brookfield property, and as such, they provide a singular beauty that contributes to your […]

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Snow & Ice

Winter is coming, and with it the possibility of snow and ice. At Discovery Outdoor Services, we understand the importance of keeping your property safe and accessible during the winter months. That's why we offer comprehensive ice management and snow removal services. Here at Discovery Outdoor Services, […]

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Frequently Asked Outdoor Care Services Questions

We offer a comprehensive range of outdoor care services, including landscaping, lawn maintenance, seasonal clean-up, trimming, snow removal, and more.

Yes, our experienced designers work closely with clients to create personalized landscape designs that suit their preferences and lifestyle, enhancing the beauty and functionality of their outdoor space.


Let The Discovery Team Take Care Of Your Landscaping And Lawn Care Needs In Brookfield!